Purrfect  Show Curtains and Accessories for Cats

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Hello and welcome to my site. My name is sue and I live in Townsville QLD along with my  family of furry children.

After attending quiet a few cat shows and seeing all the curtains, these wonderful animals were enclosed in, I tried to shop around to buy some. I found this was truly, a hard task, so I decided I would put material to machine and make my own. People started to ask where I got them from, so here I am.

I hope in some small way, I can help people present their cats in colours and designs that bring out the best in them. Be it their eye colour or their coat colour.

I also make the cat ticklers and toys.

You can pick the colours and the material of the curtains. Most of mine are made from the Satin range, but the option is yours. Linen is also great as it always looks crisp and fresh a little on the expensive side though.

Hope you like my designs and soon I will be doing embroidered name cushions for our precious bundles of fur. Also scratching posts and towers so don't forget to come back.

Have a look  and see what you think.

 If you wish to contact me please email or phone if you leave a comment under the pic I may not see it in time

 Buy for now Sue.