Purrfect  Show Curtains and Accessories for Cats

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Pricing For your Curtains

You may pick your own colours or send in a pic of your fur baby and I will choose a colour to enhance your bub to its full advantage.

Prices are subject to cost of materials and design. Prices below are the average cost of a set of curtains with a soft base. All curtains have a full gathering around the inside side of the enclosure with matching ribbon.  Ribbon is attached to the enclosure by way of safety pins which allows you to accommodate different size enclosures. The elastic is also at one end held with a safety pin with which you gather or let out curtains as you please for a better fit.

Sizes for Show Enclosures

Single Show Enclosures

CFA NSW                          22 x 22 x 22in  57cm x 57cm x 57cm

Cotton                                $70.00

Velveteen                           $70.00

Satin                                   $70.00

Double Show Enclosures

CFA NSW                          27 x 18 x 21in   69cm x 46cm x 54cm

ANCATS                            27 x 18 x 21in

Cotton                                $110.00

Velveteen                           $110.00

Satin                                   $110.00

Old English Style              $150.00

Extra Large Enclosures

CFA NSW                          27 x 18 x 24in   69cm x 46cm x 61cm

ANCATS                             36 x 18 x 21in  92cm x 46cm x 54cm

Cotton                                 $120.00

Velveteen                            $120.00

Satin                                    $120.00

Old English Style               $160.00

Custom Bought Enclosures

                                             25 x 17 x 22in  64cm x 44cm x 57cm

                                             30 x 21 x 24in  77cm x 54cm x 61cm

Round cushion accessory $30.00

depends on the height of the cage as you have to get a wider based material the wider the material the dearer it is. But usually still only around the $110.00 example.  Saturn is usually around  $7 dollars a meter. Then you have the cotton, ribbon, pins and wadding. And my time.

All prices are subject to availability and the cost of materials, dearer  material will result in higher end price. 

All curtains come including a soft base with a removable cover, matching ribbon ties.

Custom designs and accessories also available on request. Cost depends on pattern and material costs.

A fifty percent deposit is required with order.